InspirEmail No 164 - August 31st, 2009
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A beveled glass box

The beveled glass box atop my dresser dances with color when morning sunlight streams through the window.  The multitude of color prompts me to pause; it's become a special time each day when I reflect on memories of my mother.

I remember well the Mother's Day it was given to her for the prior month had been my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  After a reception in their hometown, the following month we kids sent them to Jamaica to continue their celebration.  They returned from the trip on Mother's Day weekend.

Mom marveled at the glass jewelry box from the moment she opened the package.  All sides were beveled and the top was finely etched with flowers and hummingbirds; or as she always referred to her favorite feathered friends, 'hummers.' It wasn't large; actually it was just the right size for dropping earrings and a necklace into at the end of the day, or for holding pieces worn most often.

Many years passed that I didn't really see it up close, but on the occasions I entered my folk's bedroom it always caught my eye as it rested upon Mom's dresser.

The glass box is more than a beautiful, cherished accessory that holds a variety of Mom's favorite jewelry items; the essence of who she was is tucked inside. Hence, the contents will remain as they are; my gemstones will not be intermingled.

The strands of cultured pearls trigger memories of the many pearls of wisdom she shared with me.

The few diamonds bring to mind her viewpoint as regards judging others.  No matter their social status or background each person is unique and many are a diamond in the rough just waiting for their time to shine.

The gold items hark back to Mother's certainty that silence is golden; one should be open-minded and listen to the opinions of others, whether you agreed or not.  A difference in beliefs was no cause for discord but probably indicated the subject of conversation should be changed.

The silver items prompt me to maintain a positive attitude; Mother chose to believe that most dark clouds were lined with silver.

After her passing, while sorting Mom's earrings, necklaces and such I discovered several retro pieces I'd not seen before.  They were passed by the time I was of the age to admire baubles and beads, but she had stunning brooch and earrings sets.  The pieces that I chose to keep, while selecting meaningful items for each grand daughter, creates a myriad of hues that transform the beveled glass box into a device with the ability to capture a rainbow.

After suffering through the Great Depression, Mother's passion for lovely but tasteful costume jewellery revealed that she always remained quite frugal.  Still, when morning sun strikes the authentic and artificial display of stones, gold, and silver . . . a mighty shimmer is unleashed; I feel I'm being reminded to reflect on and live by the pearls of wisdom Mom felt most important.

Mother was one of eleven siblings raised by parents that spent their lifetime as tenant farmers.  Add to that the Great Depression, and she truly understood the fundamental priorities necessary for a fulfilling life, and costly jewelry was not one of those!

I've done my best to live by her teachings . . . and pray she left this world satisfied that I did grasp and appreciate her life lessons.

Remembering . . . Lovey Arlene Boucher

Written by Kathleene S. Baker
Kathy resides in Plano, Texas with husband Jerry, and two precious pups, Hank and Samantha. She enjoys writing, needlework, and fishing. As a freelancer, she has contributed to newspapers, anthologies, magazines, online ezines, Chicken Soup for the Soul and writes a weekly column entitled The Heart of Texas.

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