InspirEmail No 216 - September 19th, 2011 - When life gives you a kick
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When life gives you a kick

I'm told the story is true: A woman was giving birth to a baby in an elevator at a hospital. When she complained about the location, a nurse said, 'Why, this isn't so bad; last year a woman delivered her baby out on the front lawn.'

'Yes,' said the woman giving birth, 'that was me, too.'

Who said, 'If I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all?'

But on the other hand, not all 'bad luck' should be considered a bad thing! Like someone said, 'When life gives you a kick, let it kick you forward.'

In the 1920's, Ernest Hemingway learned something about 'bad luck' and getting kicked by life. He was struggling to make his mark as an author when disaster struck. He lost a suitcase containing all his manuscripts - many stories he'd polished to jewel-like perfection - which he'd been planning to publish in a book.

According to Denis Waitley in his book Empires of the Mind published William Morrow and Company, Inc. in 1995, the devastated Hemingway couldn't conceive of redoing his work. All those months of arduous writing were simply wasted.

He lamented his predicament to friend and poet Ezra Pound who called it a stroke of good fortune! Pound assured Hemingway that when he rewrote the stories, he would forget the weak parts; only the best material would reappear.

He encouraged the aspiring author to start over with a sense of optimism and confidence. Hemingway did rewrite the stories and eventually became a major figure in American literature.

Don't pray for fewer problems; pray for more skills. Don't ask for smaller challenges; ask for greater wisdom. Don't look for an easy way out; look for the best possible outcome.

When life gives you a kick, let it kick you forward!

Written by Steve Goodier

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You are an Inspiration

Your presence is a gift to the world, you're unique and one of a kind.

Your life can be what you want it to be - Take it one day at a time.

Count your blessings, not your troubles, and you'll make it through what comes along.

Within you are so many answers, understand, have courage, be strong.

Don't put limits on yourself, your dreams are waiting to be realized.

Don't leave your important decisions to chance - Reach for your peak, your goal, and your prize.

Nothing wastes more energy than worrying, the longer a problem is carried, the heavier it gets.

Don't take things too seriously - Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

Remember that a little love goes a long way - Remember that a lot goes forever.

Remember that friendship is a wise investment, life's treasures are people . . . together.

Have health and hope and happiness, take the time to wish on a star.

And don't ever forget for even a day . . . How very special YOU are!

Author Unknown

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Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think 
Benjamin Disraeli

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