InspirEmail No 331 - October 2018 - Sweet Biscuits and Be Necessary
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Sweet Biscuits

A boy at summer camp received a large box of sweet biscuits in the mail from his mother. He ate a few, then placed the remainder under his bed. The next day, after lunch, he went to his tent to get a couple of biscuits but the box was gone.

That afternoon a camp counsellor, who had been told of the theft, saw another boy sitting behind a tree eating from the large box of sweet biscuits. 'That young man,' he said to himself . .  . 'and he must be taught not to steal.'

He returned to the group and sought out the boy whose box of biscuits had been stolen. 'Billy,' he said, 'I know who stole your biscuits. Will you help me teach him a lesson?'

'Well, yes - but aren't you going to punish him?' asked the puzzled boy.

'No, that would only make him resent and hate you,' the counsellor explained. 'I want you to call your mother and ask her to send you another box of biscuits'

The boy did as the counsellor asked and a few days later received another box of biscuits in the mail.

'Now,' said the counsellor, 'the boy who stole your cookies is sitting down by the lake, so down there and share your biscuits with him.'

'But,' protested the boy . . . 'he's the thief.'

'I know, but try it and see what happens.' said the counsellor

Half an hour later the counsellor saw the two come up the hill, arm in arm. The boy who had stolen the biscuits was earnestly trying to get the other to accept his pocket knife in payment for the stolen biscuits, and the victim was just as earnestly refusing the gift from his new friend, saying that a few sweet biscuits weren't that important anyway.

Author Unknown

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Be Necessary

Success comes from making yourself necessary. It does not come from making a nuisance of yourself, nor from making people feel sorry for you, nor from taking advantage of others.

In whatever arena you seek success, you will attain it by making a useful and substantial contribution. What are you doing right now to make yourself necessary?

How much of yourself do you put into your work, into your life? True, lasting achievement requires effort on your part.

You may be able to lie, cheat or steal your way to a big bank account, but you cannot steal true success and fulfillment. It must be earned. It must come from you. It must come from making your own unique, positive contribution to the world.

You're a special individual, and the best thing you can do with your uniqueness is to make it available to others. Make yourself necessary. Make a difference. Your own life is the most blessed when the most others are blessed by it.

Written by Ralph S. Marston, Jr
Source 'Living the Wonder of It All' and to purchase a copy please visit . . .
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What is important is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us
Jean-Paul Sartre

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