InspirEmail No 382 - January 2023 - Seeking Happiness
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Seeking Happiness

There were 100 people attending an all-day seminar on mental and physical health plus how to seek and find happiness in life.

At one point towards the end of the first morning session, the facilitator told the group they were going to do an activity and he gave each attendee one coloured balloon and told them to write their name on it.

The balloons were then collected and moved into an adjoining room. Then the 200 participants were asked to go into the adjoining room and were given not more than5 minutes to find their balloon.

What proceeded was total chaos as the 100 participants searched frantically for their balloon, pushing each other out of the way and bumping into one another whilst they grabbed a balloon, looked at it and inevitably tossed it to the side and continued to look for their balloon.

At the end of the 5 minutes, no one had found the balloon that had their name on it and they were all asked to move back in the main meeting room.

Then the speaker asked the participants to go back in the adjoining room and pick up one balloon at random, look at the name and then find and return it to its owner. Within less than 5 minutes, everyone had been reunited with their own balloon.

To wrap up the morning session the facilitator then told the group . . . ‘This is what it’s like when people are frantically searching for their own happiness in life. People push others aside to get the things that they want that they believe will bring them happiness. However, our happiness actually lies in helping other people and working together as in a less chaotic community.’

He went to say . . . ‘The moral of this story is you will more than likely find your happiness if you help other people find theirs.  In addition, helping others makes us happy because it gives us a sense of purpose.’

Author Unknown

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When we share laughter, there's twice the fun.
When we share success, we surpass what we've done.

When we share problems, there's half the pain.
When we share tears, a rainbow follows rain.

When we share dreams, they become more real.
When we share secrets, it's our hearts we reveal.

If we share a smile, then our love shows.
If we share a hug, then our love grows.

If we share with someone on whom we depend.
That person becomes family or friend.

And what draws us closer and makes us all care.
Is not what we have, but the things that we share.

Author Unknown

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Happiness may be found only by helping others to find it
Napoleon Hill

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