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I've got a passion for . . .

'Passion . . . how else can I explain it?' he said. 'I have a passion for what I do!'

He naturally caught my attention when he used my favourite word . . . 'Passion.'  There are times in my presentations when I say that word and stop dead in a sentence. I often times have the audience repeat it back to me.  Usually the first time they say it, they might as well be saying 'automobile.' 

There's never any excitement in saying the word the first time. But then I stop them and explain the importance of the word. Finally, with every vital emotion they can muster, I have them repeat it. 

'Passion' and it sends chills up their spine.

You see that's the difference between wanting something and really wanting something. If you develop a passion for it, you are driven by the thought that you can have it. That it's really within your reach.

This all came about because I was reading a book on 'Creating Character Emotions' in my writing. They stressed the importance of creating desire in particular characters. In fact, they went as far as to say 'desire' was superior to 'passion' in a person. I totally disagreed.

I have found that when I am speaking with someone who is sharing their dreams and plans for the future, there is little drive in the 'wanting to be', 'planning to be' or certainly not in the 'wishing to be,' goals set for becoming happy and successful in their life.

Wanting, planning and wishing are words for children. 'I have a passion for . . .'  is a powerful statement. It says 'I want it bad enough to work for it.'

'Do whatever it takes to get it.'

'It is a part of who I am.' 

Wow! Which one of those people do you think will succeed? The 'wisher' or the one with a 'passion' for it?

My friend Mark has a passion for what he does. I could hear it in his voice. He wants to teach people to venture inside themselves to find what they are looking for. I knew what he was talking about. It's what I tell you. Everything you need you have already. It's inside. You know the right thing to do, but it takes work.  Your search for outside answers is a feeble attempt at trying to find an easier way to get there. 

Outside solutions are pacifiers for internal desires. That's why we turn to drugs, alcohol, smoking and possessions. They are external tools to bury the internal voice that's telling you, 'There's greatness inside, tap into it. Find your passion. It will fulfil your life and connect you to all the joy and abundance you need.'

But we fail to listen. We most likely fail to believe we can. So, I know my passion. I live my passion. I act on it and it fulfils me. 

Do I want more? Yes! More opportunities to reach more people. More chances to awaken a spirit that lies dormant within another human being. I want to see more of the world. I want to sing my songs of hope for you. I want to write more words that touch the hearts of those who are struggling. I want to speak to audiences in such great numbers that merely walking out on stage overwhelms me.

What is your passion? What one thing do you want to do with your life that would fill the empty parts of your heart and soul?

Say it. Go ahead, say the word and feel it, mean it. 'Passion.'

If you are saying it correctly you are connecting that word with a thought, desire, dream for your life. Say it again. Make the connection. Play with the words until you know you've tapped into the right one. 

Now work with it and work on it. Develop it and create a plan for it, and do it with passion!

Written by Bob Perks
Bob Perks is a professional speaker, author, vocalist and member of the National Speakers Association. 

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