InspirEmail No 148 - December 8, 2008
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That's just the way I am!

When we hear this, someone is usually telling us, 'Get off my back' or 'Accept me as I am.'

Often it's a response to criticism. It could be about chronic lateness, thoughtlessness, broken promises, physical or verbal abuse, or infidelity. Whatever it is, we're asked to let it go.

In the end, this is a ploy to get us to lower our expectations based on the dubious idea that certain bad habits are an intrinsic part of character and therefore beyond our control. We're expected to believe it's foolish and futile to expect a person to change.

There are, of course, lots of things that are beyond our control: short stature, big bones, receding hairline. Fortunately, character is different. That's completely within our control. The poor and the rich, the slow and the smart, the plain and the pretty all have an equal opportunity to become people of character.

Sure, character can be influenced by heredity and environment, but it's determined by choice. No disposition, circumstance, or experience is so powerful that it forever fixes our character. That is never finished. It's constantly shaped and sculpted by the choices we make to nurture or ignore our more noble instincts and to surrender to or overcome negative impulses and corrupting temptations.

When it comes to what we demand of ourselves or others, we should never lower our standards. Character is a function of choice. Weaknesses and bad habits are not excuses not to get better. This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

Written by Michael Josephson

Michael Josephson is one of the most sought-after and quoted ethicists. Founder and president of Josephson Institute and its Character Counts project, he has conducted programs for more than 100,000 leaders in government, business, education, sports, law enforcement, journalism, law, and the military. To view the contact details please visit . . .  Positive Inspirational Links >>>

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See It Through

When you're up against a trouble, meet it squarely, face to face.
Lift your chin and set your shoulders, plant your feet and take a brace.

When it's vain to try to dodge it, do the best that you can do.
You may fail, but you may conquer, see it through!

Black may be the clouds about you and your future may seem grim.
But don't let your nerve desert you; keep yourself in fighting trim.

If the worst is bound to happen, spite of all that you can do.
Running from it will not save you, see it through!

Even hope may seem but futile, when with troubles you're beset.
But remember you are facing, just what other men have met.

You may fail, but fall still fighting; don't give up, whate'er you do.
Eyes front, head high to the finish and see it through!

Written by Edgar A. Guest

- Inspirational Quote -

We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life.
But we can decide what happens in us ... how we can take it,
what we can do with it ... and that is what really counts in the end

Joseph Fort Newton

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