InspirEmail No 193 - October 25, 2010 - You're never too old to be a Role Model
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You're never too old to be a Role Model

Like many consultants and other people who work from home, I spend a lot of my time working in coffee shops. The buzz of such places seems to spur my creative juices. Often it's a case of the greater the chatter level, the better I work.

One of my favourite coffee haunts is attached to the local Council's library. A large, diverse and relatively new library, it attracts people of all ages and interests. Busy, thinking people - students, retired persons, families, computer-literates, business people (like me), male and female, some at times struggling with mental or physical disabilities. It's a vibrant atmosphere at any time of the day.

Earlier today I settled down to work in the library coffee shop, with a nice well-lit spot beside a window. I noted with interest the lady sitting alone at the table next to mine. Her table was covered in papers, envelopes and books.

To all intents and purposes she could be just another keen businessperson, maximizing her break between meetings. But there was an obvious difference. She was clearly well over 70 years of age, perhaps even over 80, writing letters and preparing envelopes. She was showing signs of her many years, not only physically but also in terms of long life experience, active living and a passion for observing and shaping her world. Smartly dressed and confident in her own abilities, she displayed an air of continuing determination to enjoy living life to the full.

I was warmed by the fact that she had shut out the noise of us other customers as she busily wrote, sorted her papers and addressed her envelopes. Never once did she raise her head to gaze around. Her brain was clearly sharp and alert as her eyes darted over her paperwork. I found myself enthralled.

Eventually as I rose to leave, her head turned to engage me in conversation, 'What a wonderful place this is to get things done!' she said, to which I readily agreed. A few more words of light, spirited conversation and we parted, leaving her to return to her busy-ness. 

Having turned 70 myself this year, I thought I had met all my life's role models to whom I would want to aspire. I created my business at the ripe young age of 63 and I continue to get great joy and satisfaction out of 'running a lifestyle business as a lifestyle choice'. 

There are, of course, those who would urge me to consider 'slowing down and taking it easy'. They seem to have difficulty in understanding that I am doing what I love and love what I do - when and where I want, at my pace and to the extent of my choosing.

The coffee shop lady reminded me that life is above all an intellectual experience. When the mind is working with enthusiasm - even passion - everything else can fit into place or, if necessary, at least be tolerated. I felt inspired to immediately write this article. Partly in thanks to that dear lady for providing me with a new role model in life, but also in the hope that I can help make her a role model for many more people, of any age or circumstances.

Written by Peter Nicholls

Peter is a life style mentor who lives in the beautiful city of Adelaide in Australia. He is a Director of Work Leisure and is known as Australia's People Gardener - Growing Better People at work, home and play. Peter helps you improve the quality of work productivity, manage stress and your plans for retirement and the future. He is the author of a number of e-books including 'Enjoy Being You' and 'How to Create Your Second Adulthood'. For Peter's contact details and to purchase his books please visit . . . Positive Inspirational Links >>>

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Henry David Thoreau

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