InspirEmail No 222 - December 12th, 2011 - Keeping pace with yourself
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Keeping pace with yourself

Who is setting your standards for you?

A true story has it that one older man decided to jog around the local high school football field. As he huffed and puffed along, the team was in practice.

The players soon started running sprints up and down the field. The man told himself, 'I'll just keep running until they quit.'

So he ran. And they ran. And he ran some more. And they kept running. And he kept running until he could finally run no more. He stopped in exhaustion. One of the players, equally exhausted, approached him and said, 'Boy, I'm glad you finally stopped, Mister - coach told us we had to keep running wind sprints as long as the old guy was jogging!'

He was watching them. They were watching him. He was letting them set his standard. They allowed him to set theirs.

My question is this: Are you keeping pace with somebody else? Are you allowing other people to set your standards for you? What about your standards, or principles, for moral behaviour? Or guidelines for what kind of attitudes you want, or how happy your relationships should be? Do you keep pace with those around you, or do you decide yourself just how you will live your life? The truth is . . . only you are qualified to determine what your standards will be.

Set your standards too low, and you'll know only discontent. But set high standards and you can live an immeasurably full and worthwhile life. For only when you reach for the best that is within yourself, will you experience great living.

Who is setting your standards?

Written by Steve Goodier

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You Are

You are strong when you take your grief and teach it to smile.
You are brave when you over come your fears and help others to do the same.
You are happy when you see a flower and are thankful for the blessing.
You are loving when your own pain does not blind you to pain of others.
You are wise when you know the limit of your wisdom.
You are true when you admit there are times you fool yourself.
You are alive when tomorrow's hope means more to you then yesterday's mistakes.
You are growing when you know what you are but not what you will become.
You are free when you are in control of yourself and do not wish to control others.
You are honourable when you find your honour is to find honour in others.
You are generous when you can take as sweetly as you can give.
You are humble when you do not know how humble you are.
You are thoughtful when you see me as just as I am and treat me just you are.
You are merciful when you forgive in others the faults condemn in yourself.
You are beautiful when you do not need a mirror to tell you.
You are rich when you never need more then what you have.
You are you when you are at peace with who you are not.

Author Unknown

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Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want
Marsha Sinetar

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