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Because the sun was shining

It had been raining during Friday night and I woke up early on Saturday morning, hoping for more rain so that I could wash my car. You see, I live in Melbourne, Victoria, a State in south eastern Australia where we have severe restrictions on water usage, so, I only wash my car when it is raining. I had a bucket, sponge, 'car soap' and umbrella at the ready.  It had been quite a while since we had any rain and my car was extremely dirty and looked very neglected!

When I looked outside my window, the sun was shining and the rain had completely stopped. My hopes of washing my car in the rain were dashed. I stood outside, staring at my car and wondered what could have been. Then I noticed all the droplets of water on my car, shining in the radiant morning sunshine.

Right, there and then, it clicked - I could still wash my already wet car and then rinse it off with some rain water I had collected when it last rained!

So, time to get to work! The air was fresh, the sunshine was slightly warm and before I knew it, I had washed my car clean, all in the sunshine without an umbrella.

What's next, I thought? It is a sunny day, so, I had time to take my dog for a walk. He always loves to walk and enjoys the exercise and so do I. While walking, I said 'good morning' and smiled at a man who was mowing his lawn. I also said 'good morning' to another gentleman who was walking his dogs.

I could see my shadow and my dog's shadow on the ground, as the morning sun beamed upon us from behind.

I was totally oblivious to my so called 'dashed hopes' of washing my car in the rain. I kept patting my dog as we walked. He would look up at me and his eyes and face expressed his joy in being able to have an early morning walk in the sunshine.

Not an hour ago, I had woken up and felt overwhelmed with excitement to wash my car in the rain. Now, I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the priceless feeling of walking with my dog on a fresh sunny morning!

As I was walking back home, I saw a little puppy who stuck his nose out of the gate where he lived and wagged his tail at me. I gave him a pat on the nose. Then I saw my neighbour leaving home in his car. I waved at him and he gave me a wave back.

I got home and sat in the front porch soaking up the sun, whilst I reflected on the morning's events. I realised that, because the sun was shining:

I washed my car without an umbrella.
I enjoyed the fresh air and the warmth of the early morning.
I took my dog for a walk.
I said 'good morning' and smiled at a man who was mowing his lawn.
I said 'good morning' to another man, walking his dogs.
I said hello and patted a happy little puppy.
I waved at my neighbour as he left home.

While I was doing all of this, Bob Marley's classic . . . 'Sun is shining, the weather is sweet' kept ringing in my head. How appropriate, I thought!  Had it still been raining, none of this would have been possible!

Had I been too hung up on the fact that the rain had cleared, it would have potentially set the tone for the rest of the day. Now, I had completely overlooked the fact that when I woke up, the rain had stopped, because all my energy and attention was centred on the joy I had experienced and the abundance of gratitude that I was feeling.

Clear blue skies, the sun shining just above the horizon, fresh air, a clean car, a happy dog and a grateful me - that was more than enough to send my spirits soaring to a much higher dimension!

Even on a grey day, it is important to remember that the sun is shining somewhere and it will shine on you in its own time. The key is to look for the best available opportunities, right there in front of you, and make the most out of them.

I had a great start to a great day, because the sun was shining!

Inspired by a sunny start to the day and written by Ron Prasad
Ron Prasad works as a Life Coach, when he is not washing his car in the rain, walking his dog and enjoying life.

This story appeared in InspirEmail No 182 - May 24, 2010

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