Positive Inspirational Leadership Stories

The Efficient Manager

The Effective Manager

  • Does things right
  • Does the right things
  • Acquires knowledge
  • Applies knowledge
  • Works harder
  • Works smarter
  • Solves problems
  • Exploits opportunities
  • Sees a problem in every opportunity
  • Sees an opportunity in every problem
  • Collects data
  • Interprets data
  • Saves money
  • Makes money
  • Maximises profit
  • Optimises profit
  • Answers questions
  • Poses the right questions
  • Knows that half his or her advertising budget is wasted
  • Knows which half his or her advertising budget is wasted
  • Sees through rear view mirror
  • Sees through periscope or from a helicopter
  • Puts out bush fires
  • Develops fire prevention measures
  • Is a thermometer - reacts to change
  • Is a thermostat - and anticipates change
  • Will be shocked by the future
  • Will shock the future
  • Sees part of the animal
  • Sees the whole animal
  • Uses the left - hand side of his or her brain
  • Uses the right - hand side of his or her brain
  • Sees the bars
  • Sees the stars

Author Unknown

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