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I am just as special and important as anybody else!

I used to work as a dog sitter and for a particular couple who were my clients for many years.  They had certain rules they liked followed regarding their dog's care.  

One night, I had been dealing with an issue over their complaints about how I was locking their front door. I had just returned from walking their dog and they left me with another reminder about how the front door needed to be locked.  

When I got home, I just lost it!  After I had cooled down, my dad pointed a finger at me and these words ‘Remember you are not second class. The ones who treat you like you are . . . they are the ones who are second class.’

There was just something about the way Dad said those words that has made them stay with me. I had been trying to give this couple the benefit of the doubt, but the time had come when enough had become enough. 

You see, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities when I was five and have dealt with discrimination and rejection over the years. The couple knew about my condition and sadly they were just another example of people who didn’t seem to care.

I have finally learned that my dad is right.  All those people who have made me feel bad about myself are the ones that are not worth it, not me and I am now always reminded of this quote . . .

‘You are an amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities’ 
Lailah Gifty Akita

Written by Amy Temple
Amy Temple is an American freelance writer/blogger specializing in inspiration and motivation. A resident of Orlando, Florida, Amy writes regularly for www.seethegood.info, www.themightynetworks.com, www.serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com and www.empathtoempath.co.uk.  Amy is a member of the personal development online communities Blisspot (www.blisspot.com) and The Mighty (www.themighty.com).
Amy is the author of the 2017 memoir "I Am Not Stupid" which is available through Amazon.
To contact Amy, you can send an email to her at . . .  artemple95@gmail.com

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