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'The Magic Bracelet'

A simple strategy for personal growth and success!

'We live in a world of abundance.'  This short sentence is the opening statement of a lesson in the first SMI (Success Motivation International.) program I ever did. The words clearly state that there is so much of everything out there just waiting for you to realise that everyone can have more than you currently have, without taking anything away from anyone else.

In fact the more that you get the more you are able to share with the people that are important to you, as I have often said in my Success workshops. 'I defy you to become more successful, without positively affecting the lives of others around you.'

What is it that stops you from achieving the success and recognition that you all truly deserve? Well experience tells us that your conditioning to date is what holds you back; conditioning is so powerful and so ingrained that it controls all the things you do.

How then can you overcome the negative conditioning that is holding you back? The simple answer is of course to set a GOAL for what you want, in order to change what you don't want.

Whilst this is true, many of you need more help to make the necessary changes in your defeating habits, that have been formed by the way you talk to yourself.

You need a Magic Bracelet!

It's easy to get and it's easy to use and it works. Simply get an elastic band and begin wearing it on your wrist, no one else needs to see it. Wear it constantly 24 hours a day, for as long as it takes, usually around 90 days, although you may see significant changes well before the 90 days is up, it's got a lot of work to do, so persevere.

If it breaks simply replace it. Here's how it works.

Every time you catch yourself saying or thinking a non-useful thought, or every time you notice a habit that doesn't help you, snap the elastic band. Yes I know it hurts, that's the idea it's supposed to hurt. The pain sends a message to your subconscious mind that you are keen to change this negative idea for something much more positive. So simply say the positive opposite of what made you 'SNAP' the band and the new positive thought message will gradually get lodged into your mind thus creating more positive results.

This simple inexpensive magic bracelet will gradually change what you don't want for what you do want, you will begin to enjoy more of the abundance that is here to share, and your life will improve as a direct result of your wonderful mind and your magic bracelet.

Written by Brian Leaning-Mizen

Brian Leaning-Mizen, Director of Mind Synergy is dedicated to helping anyone who says; 'I want to be more successful' to achieve that goal! Brian Leaning-Mizen is known affectionately to his many clients and friends, as The Guru of Goal Setting.

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