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An hour of time

Tim was disappointed that his father didn't attend the last soccer game of the season, but he wasn't surprised. Tim was a mature 10-year old and he understood that lots of clients depended on his dad, a lawyer, who had to work most nights and weekends. Still, it made him sad, especially since this year he won the league's most valuable player award.

One evening Tim got up the nerve to interrupt his father's work at home to ask him how much lawyers make per hour. His father was annoyed and gruffly answered, 'They pay me $300 an hour.'

Tim gulped and said, 'Wow, that's a lot. Would you lend me $100?'

'Of course not,' his father barked. 'Please, let me work.'

Later, the father felt guilty and went to Tim's room where he found him sobbing.

'Son,' he said, 'I'm sorry. If you need some money, of course I'll lend it to you. But can I ask why?'

Tim said, 'Daddy, I know your time is really worth a lot and with the $200 I've already saved, I'll have enough. Can I buy an hour so you can come to the awards banquet on Friday?'

It hit his father like a punch to the heart. He realized his son needed him more than his clients did. He needed to be there for his son more than he needed money or career accolades. He hugged him and said, 'I'm so proud of you, nothing could keep me away.'

Lots of parents are stretched to their limit trying to balance business demands and family needs. It's always a matter of priorities. But if we don't arrange our lives to be there for our children, they will regret it - and after it's too late, so will we.

This story is derived and adapted from one that was circulated on the Internet without attribution. The original source is unknown and recently published in Friday's Insight Story.

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